About Us


About Me

Hello, I’m Prabhsharan, the founder of The Little Purple Box, and mum to a 5 year old little boy. I hold a Master’s Degree in Education, and am deeply passionate about teaching. I have been fortunate enough to get an opportunity to work with young children in schools both in India and the UK for over 12 years.  Through the years of observing and working with children in different settings, I have come to believe that they learn best through play, and therefore they should be given ample opportunities to engage and interact with the world around them. 


During the early years of my teaching career I was actively involved in working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and most of them were first generation learners (i.e., their parents never attended formal schooling). The biggest challenge I faced was the lack of quality educational resources which made it harder for these children to connect with the school curriculum, and were thus faced with exclusion from the process of learning. Thus began my journey of creating educational resources to scaffold children’s learning and supporting their overall development. I felt a deep sense of satisfaction in seeing children learn, making connections between familiar (i.e., existing knowledge) and unfamiliar (i.e., new information) concepts when engaged in a play-based task, when given an opportunity to interact with appropriate  resources. For me, this process of creating resources to aid learning continued even after I moved to the UK and started working for a school in London. 


The turning point in my career came when my little one was born. Being an educator and now a mum, I started developing age-appropriate activities to keep my little one engaged, and to stimulate learning through play. This involved detailed planning, carefully selecting activities, collecting and organising appropriate resources - and then simply waiting for the magic to unfold! The immense joy I experienced as a mother - and the fun we had together - were well worth the effort. Hence The Little Purple Box was born!


Through The Little Purple Box, I hope to spread the same joy, and at the same time, help inculcate a love for learning in your little ones . I firmly believe that the best learning takes place when children are happily engaged in an activity. Happy faces equal happy learning 🙂


What do we do

The Little Purple Box aims to bring fun educational activities that will encourage your little one to explore, play and learn. As a parent I understand that it can be a daunting task to create and organise meaningful resources to keep your young one busy and happy, and at the same time support their learning.

We offer a helping hand on this wonderful journey of parenting where you are busy juggling responsibilities, balancing priorities and tending to the needs of your children. Our activities are designed taking into account varied children’s interests and will captivate little ones’ attention, keep them engaged, and help them develop vital skills.  

Our exciting range of products will help you spend quality time with your little one without worrying about the hassle of creating exciting age-appropriate resources. Whether you are looking for some quiet time alone or to spend precious moments with your little one we have you covered! Our mantra is “Create, Cultivate, Cherish”





Some of our product categories are as follows: 

Kids activity bags

Our kids activity bags are replete with exciting activities which will keep your little one happily engaged and help them develop a variety of skills through play. They are perfect to take along when you are heading out or to play with at home.

The activities come in a handy, compact, and brightly-coloured zipper bag. All activity bags have the necessary material, thus requiring no prior preparation - so you can just sit back and enjoy the precious moments with your little one. The activities are reusable, promote independent play and nurture  love for learning.

Each bag includes: 

  • Material you need to complete an activity
  • Instructions to guide you through the activity 
  • Ideas to extend your child’s learning 


Craft Boxes

Our festive craft boxes aim to help parents spend quality time with their little ones during busy festive periods, create magical moments, and make memories to cherish forever. The idea behind the box is to enable parents to create a festive atmosphere for their children - learning, creating, playing and celebrating together. What’s more - the boxes are also an ideal gift for your little one! 

Each box comes with all the material needed - so the fun begins the moment the box is opened! The box contains a variety of activities like seasonal crafts, recipes, and educational games. 



We also offer printable activity packs which aim to make learning fun for your little ones at home. Simply download, print and you are ready to go!


Let the fun begin!